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December 17, 2015

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Hi Everyone,

I get a lot of E mail questions which I’m happy to answer, Here’s one from Mark.

“hi Sid,

I’m considering going to Mexico in January, either to Lake Chapala area, Guanajuato, or San Miguel de allende.  I don’t speak a word of Spanish at this time.  I’m interested in good weather, nice people, good health care, and a low cost of living.  My biggest concern is safety, my friends and family do not want me to go because of all of the violence and corruption in Mexico.

Any thoughts?”

Thank you.  Mark

Hi Mark, Thanks for your e mail.
All three places are good places in Mexico to retire.
Of course I’m a BIG Fan of Lake Chapala because we have near perfect weather all year long, and more choices. 
You can choose from Chapala (the city), San Antonio Tlayacapan (a Mexican village between Chapala (the city) and Ajijic (the most popular larger village) on the North Shore.
It and the next county over (Jocotepec) with more villages or in the larger main town of  Jocotepec on the far West end of the Lake give you lots of choices.
Lots of gringo stuff to do with various clubs (non nightclubs) like our various service clubs, with the largest and oldest being the Lake Chapala Society. (look them up on line).
We also have a VFW post in Chapala which has a large library, bar, and restaurant.
Medical care is good here as well There are 2 local Red Cross emergency response stations and a hospital.
There’s 2 golf courses, a private airstrip, service clubs, and even a singles mingles group if you’re interested in dating. (Mark is single from what I gather.)
This just scratches the surface. You could write a book about living here… and in fact I did.
“How to live a Caviar Life on a Tuna Fish Pension at Safe Beautiful, and Affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico.” Order from Amazon or you can buy it locally here at Lake Chapala.
Those other places do not have weather as good, no major lake like Lake Chapala (about 65 miles long) and no International airports (Guadalajara International is 20 minutes from Chapala and about the same into Guadalajara (think 5 million or more pop, with everything big cities have).
Also you can’t beat our weather. We have the same climate as Hawaii without the bugs and humidity.
If you like to eat out our local gringo phone directory list 126 restaurants and those are just the ones which have telephones.
I often eat at the Mom and Pop places that are even less expensive but are not listed because they do not have a phone.
I guess to summarize life here you have many more lifestyle choices and variety than other places in Mexico.
A final word about safety. WE would not keep growing, have two Big Box stores (WalMart and Sorianna) if the area was not safe. They don’t locate where growth is going down because people are afraid to move there .
They’re betting on continued growth. No cartel violence and very little violence of any kind here.
As you can see from the length of this e mail I’m a BIG Fan of Lake Chapala. I can’t think of anyplace else in the world I’d rather live.”
All for now, Tu amigo, Sid



  • Raymond D. Grant

    Lake Chap….spent 3 months there….great place to retire…left as I realized I was not ready to retire…will be back

  • Tracey

    We’re moving there in less than four weeks with a permanent visa! We’re very busy with the move but look forward to settling in to our next chapter of life there.

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