How to Save 50% on “How to Live a Caviar Lifestyle” !

February 25, 2016

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Hi Everyone, Sid Grosvenor here with some great news for YOU? But first a sincere apology for being a bit tardy on my publishing schedule. My only defense, besides getting long of tooth (old and more forgetful), is that we’ve had a lots of visitors here lately checking us out for a possible retirement destination.

Just when I thought things just couldn’t get better here THEY GOT BETTER. Well, at least for those of us who have pensions based on the US Dollar. As I write this, the dollar – peso exchange rate is 18.2 pesos per $1.00 USD. I recall when I first moved here it was about 11 or 12o pesos to the dollar.  The Canadian dollar will get you 13.26 pesos currently.

OK, Here’s more good news for those of you who have not yet invested in my still very up to date book, “How to Live a Caviar Lifestyle on a Tuna Fish pension at Safe, Beautiful and Affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico.”

I decided to cut the price a full 50% to just $13.95 USD.  Call be crazy, but I’m passionate about spreading the word about Lake Chapala. You know how when you find something you really, really  like… You just tell everyone about it. It’s almost like a mission for me. I can truly say,

” I can’t think of anyplace else in the world I’d rather live.”

 (Just copy and paste the below URL code or go to and search for Sid Grosvenor)

$13.95 is about the cost of a nice restaurant meal I think in the USA these days. If you bring your book with you to visit us here at Lake Chapala, I’ll throw in a local Map Booklet Guide FREE that’s great for walking around or driving on the North Shore.  That’s valued at $3.50 USD.

One more FREEBIE for you in this post. If you’d like a personal one on one telephone consultation here’s what to do. Send me your telephone #, time zone, and best time IN THE EVENING to call you.

Also have a list of the questions most important to you. We’re on Central Time here and I like to call people between 7 and 9 PM, but can adapt if that’s not a good time for you.

All for now. Siempre tu Amigo, Sid








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