Should Your Dr. Be Wearing a Mask During Your Office Visit?

February 4, 2016

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Hi Everyone. Sid Grosvenor here with a misleading headline because this post has nothing to do with your doctor’s need to wear a mask for your office visit ( as a general rule) since he/she would not likely be in danger of infecting you personally. The title was inspired by the following quote from a mentor of mine, Mark Ford, who teaches me how to live a wonderful life via his website.

In a recent e mail to me he wrote, “Fact: A married couple in their 60s can expect to incur bills totaling $220,000 for medical care before they die, according to a study by Fidelity Investments. If you throw in over-the-counter drugs and dental care the figure approaches $250,000.”

Of course he was speaking primarily to people who live in the USA. Quite shocking to me and the image of being robbed  by the system, prompted my headline with a doctor being used as the representative of the “System”. Now, I know very little about the Canadian system other than if you’re out of Canada too long in a given year they don’t pay.

I look forward to some comments from our Canadian readers to enlighten us on their system. Surely it’s not as bad as the so called “Affordable Care Act” But from everything I can find out about the Mexican government’s health care system,while far from perfect, my experience using both private doctors and the free and almost free services provided by the government clinics, hospitals and doctors it’s  far better (even given their problems) than the USA Affordable Care Coverage.

I’ve had the same Bi lingual holistic doctor here for 15 years and never been charged more than the equal of  $35 USD for an in depth unrushed exam and visit,

Your thoughts are welcome! Tu Amigo, Sid Grosvenor

  • rvanparys

    Canadian Medical System as explained to me is run by the provinces and each province has its own set of rules and coverages. The Feds give the provinces money and the provinces dole it out as they see fit…

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