Cars, Car Wash Guys, and Mom and Pop Restaurants at Lake Chapala. Mexico

March 24, 2016

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Hi Everyone,  

Above Photo: I recently had this beautiful fish platter at one of my secret Mom and Pop type restaurants in Chapala.

It was very inexpensive. Actually I don’t recall, but my guess is I paid well under $5.00 USD with the drink and tip.

If you come visit we can stop at this same place for a good and good for you fresh cooked fish platter. The fish shop is just  few yards from the restaurant (No we don’t eat the fish our of the Lake, but we could).  Ok here’s the main post .


It’s Sid Grosvenor here with another tidbit of information about Lake Chapala if you plan to have a car here.  Sure, you can get by here without a car especially if you live in Ajijijc, Chapala, or San Antonio Tlayacapan and taxis are not scarce and are reasonable…

But, I admit it, I’m a car guy. I’ve had my own wheels since 1957 and I’ve never been without a car since. I own 3 Ford Explorers and an old Jaguar and a Beetle (VW).  I nationalized 2 of the Explorers and enjoy having the freedom a car gives me. I keep the other Explorer in Texas for when I visit family there I have “wheels” without having to rent a car.

By the way, we have good used car dealers here and in most cases it’s better not to nationalize your foreign plated car here, but that’s another story.  We also have 2 basic types of repair shops. Those that cater to native English speakers, and the ones that only Spanish is spoken.

You’ll be welcomed at both types of places. The ones that cater to foreigners are very much what you’d find in the USA  or Canada. Neat and clean, and while less expensive than in the USA or Canada, they’re more expensive than the typical mechanic shop.

These shops tend to be not so neat and clean or organized. Usually they are small and just the mechanic/owner and perhaps a helper or two. That’s my kind of shop.

My Spanish is far from perfect, but between my weak Spanish (but getting better each day) and some hand gestures I can always explain my problem. For my efforts I wind up saving a boatload of money for my car repairs.  You can too.

Now, while we’re on the topic of cars I like to keep mine nice looking. So, I frequently use one of the car was guys in downtown Chapala. They use a bucket and a rag. They keep fresh water in the bucket filled from the water faucets spaced along the parkway along the main drag in Chapala.

The price is negotiated and usually settled for about 30 pesos (at 16.5 pesos per $1.00 USA dollar that computes to $1.81 USD). Of course this is just for an outside wash. 

While the car wash guy is busy, I often drop by one of my close by Mom and Pop type small restaurants nearby for breakfast or lunch.  This runs about $4 USD.

In summary, I get my car washed and a nice meal for under $6.00 USD.   So, that’s Just another benefit of living here at safe, beautiful, Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Come for a visit and I’ll introduce you to one or more of my favorite Mom and Pop restaurants and car wash guys.

All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid Grosvenor





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