Is Your Cost of living Going Up or Down? Mine is Going Down! Yours Could Be!

March 10, 2016

Hi Everyone, This will be a short, but very important post. It’s important because it involves your cost of living. If you live at Lake Chapala.. Congratulations. You might want  to forward this post to family and friends who do not yet live here. has been sharing my experiences about living here at safe, beautiful and affordable Lake Chapala for over a decade. Our first article appeared on December 12, 2005, But, I discovered Lake Chapala about 5 years before that. So, I’ve been living the good life and saving a boatload of money for 15 years.

Two of my 3 pensions are paid in Dollars and the last one I qualified for is paid in pesos. So, I could live pretty much any place in the world I’d want to live. But, I’ve chosen to live here, so it’s not just the very low cost of living here that’s a the big draw. No doubt there are retirement places where you could live for even less, but not with the near perfect weather year around (check the weather link on our website to get detailed info on our weather),  an International Airport 20 minutes away, and a huge city with well over 5 million people, under an hour away (that means big city malls for when you feel you need a “mall fix”, museums, world class hospitals, and all the other things usually only found in big cities).

I can truthfully say that I can’t think of anyplace else in the world I’d rather live, all things considered, than right here at safe, beautiful and very affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico. 

If the need to be near a large body of water is a must for you and Lake Chapala (420 sq. miles or 1,100 sq, kilometers)  is not big enough,  we’re just over a half day drive from Puerto Vallarta with it’s beautiful beaches, & cruise ships,

But  being on the coast, if you’re a foreigner, means that you can not own property directly in your name, You must use a Mexican Bank to hold the title in trust while you live in the house, but that costs I hear about $1,000 USD per year (ouch).

Now, let tell you why my cost of living is going down while yours may be going up. The dollar to Mexico peso exchange rate is currently just under 18 to 1. That means I get almost 18 pesos as of early March 2016 for each dollar when I exchange dollars for pesos.

I recall rates as low as 10 pesos for the dollar in years gone by. So my cost of living here is going down and yours likely could be if you moved here. Think it over. If you want more information about life at Lake Chapala drop me an e mail to If you would like to chat one on one then send me you telephone number and a good time to call you in the evening and be sure and tell me your time zone. I’m on Central Standard Time here at Lake Chapala.

Let’s talk soon, Siempre tu amigo, Sid







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