You Say You Like Beer? You will love living at Lake Chapala !

April 21, 2016

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Hi Everyone,  This post is a bit different. No offense to our non beer drinking friends, but I think you too will find the history of beer in Mexico interesting. Did you know Mexico is famous for its great beer and they have been making it for centuries and, it’s a big export product too.  

Spain introduced  barley and wheat based beer to Mexico, but the Mexican beer market took off after Mexico gained its independence from Spain. It was helped along when German immigrants arrived  added their skills of beer brewing in the early 1900’s.  During Prohibition in the USA, a thriving cross border trade was popular in Mexican beer.  

The first big firm that emerged was Grupo Modelo, followed by Cerveceria Cuautemoc-Montezuma. These firms supply more than 90% of all beer in Mexico today and employ more than 90,000 people.

Most of the beer sold in Mexico are largers and pilsners. A popular brand here is Carona (Crown) and it’s also the top selling export beer to 159 countries outside of Mexico. For you light beer drinkers Corona Extra is a light larger and a big seller in the USA and the U.K.

On a diet, we got you covered.  Corona Light which has the same taste, but with 30% fewer calories than Corona Extra is a tasty lo calorie beer.

I’m not a big beer drinker, but when I do drink a beer, I like Negra Modelo which is a dark smooth beer.

Another popular beer in Mexico is Pacifico, a light refreshing pilsner type beer.

Tecate from the town of the same name has a sharp, strong taste and has the distinction of being the first beer sold in Mexico in cans. This brand even won gold medals in Geneva, Paris, and Madrid, no less. It’s also sold in a light version.

Ambar Dos Equis (XX), and Dos Equis (XX) : Are two best selling beers  exported to the USA . Light beers and popular both in Mexico and the USA

Are you thirsty yet?

A specialty beer, Noche Buena is only sold during the Christmas holidays. Noche Buena by the way translates as “Christmas Eve”.

Then, there’s “Indio”, a smooth dark beer, said to be refreshing in warm weather and warming in cooler weather.

Sol (Sun) beer is a relative new comer introduced in 2007. They also have a version with lime juice and salt.

Superior, is another light beer and one of the oldest brands in Mexico. True to its name it won a gold medal in competition at Le Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium.

And, Carta Blanca (White Label) is one of Mexico’s oldest beer brands first brewed in 1890.

So there you have it. Probably more than you ever wanted to know about Mexican beer.

All for now.  Bottoms Up! Siempre tu amigo, Sid  

  • Fred

    And there are quite a few craft beers now available in the Lake Chapala / Guadalajara region, Sid.

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