So, You Want to Rent a Home at Lake Chapala? Here’s How!

September 19, 2016

Hi Everyone:
Most of our residents here first rented a home  to decide if our area was right for them.
Here’s some tips to be sure you don’t wind up wishing you had been more careful BEFORE signing
the lease agreement.
Our rental agencies do not work together like our sales agencies. They do not share their rentals.
My clients have enjoyed working with Jorge Torez at Hernandez Real Estate
on the main highway just West of WalMart. 
Best to go in person to rental offices as none of them I know of respond well to telephone or internet inquiries.
Once you find one you think you  want to rent I’d be happy to take a look at it with you BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. I often can see things you might have missed and the agent is under no duty to point out.
Also not easy to get a good look at homes that are occupied.
If located inside a Fracc (Development) find out who pays any dues. How is the water bill paid (to the development or to the government). Is cable or Sat, Internet or dial up for Internet service at the rental. Check the reliability and speed. It varies dramatically from area to area or even within a given
neighborhood. I love my home, but have always had bad internet service. 
I Found out too late.
Check the noise levels at night if possible. Do the neighborhood dogs bark all night long, Is there a rooster who crows all night.
Do the neighbors play their music VERY LOUD at night or throw wild parties often.
Our homes are more open here and are rarely closed up tight so noise levels COULD be a problem.
Who pays any development dues? Who do you pay the water bill to? Is there a meter or a set fee?
As you can see there’s a lot more to renting a house here than in the USA.
A check of the last electric bill will show what rate level the home currently has. You may be stuck with a high rate until you can reduce the amount of  Electricity used for a couple on billing cycles to get CFE (govt, electric) to lower your price per kilowatt.
Reverse of USA where the more you use the lower cost per kilowatt.
I hope these tips help you to find a great rental.
Tu amigo, Sid Grosvenor


  • Ron Anderson

    Excellent article about renting. I found the section on different internet speeds very important. I would also suggest that those who rent become familiar with the landlord-tenant act. A longer article would be much appreciated.

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