Lake Chapala, Close to Home & Close to Perfect

January 21, 2017

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your visit. I subscribe to “International Living” and have for many years.  I recently received their “Retirement Index” supplement to my subscription.

I was pleased to find they quoted me “AGAIN”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I’m quoting their recent supplement included with their recent mailing to me in which the head line reads, Mexico, The Real Story: Close to Home and Close to Perfect.”    

On page 2 of their supplement  they state “As a retired police officer and attorney from Dallas says about Lake Chapala  where he lives, if you spend wisely, you can have a “caviar lifestyle on a tuna fish pension.”

“For a couple: he says, ” ‘ I think if your home is paid for here you can live a very nice lifestyle on $1500 a month. The more you have above this, the more luxury you will have, remember your property taxes (mine have always been under $99) , and you will likely save on utilities given the temperate climate, and the lack of crazy weather… no hurricanes, typhoons, floods, or major earthquakes means you don’t need to insure against weather disasters.

Best  of all, Mexico offers a retirement discount program that offers all foreign  residents some very nice discounts.

As our friend from Chapala adds,’ “With free discount cards for folks 60 and over  you save on a variety of goods and services. Half price fares on luxury buses allows you to have affordable vacations all over Mexico and more…’

As a published author, a blogger, Buyers Only Realtor and resident/citizen of Mexico I could not be happier that the popular International Living magazine has now quoted me a second time as I share my love for Lake Chapala with the world.

I’d also would like to share my love for our area with you. One way  I do this is with my 5 star rated book available on

Here’s a link to the Amazon page to order my book:

But even better, is to help you discover Lake Chapala in person with you when you visit our area. E Mail me about my  services when you are planning a “check us out trip” here to Lake Chapala. 

All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid




  • Gayla Jones

    Hi Sid! I was wondering about internet access. I have been spoiled with wireless internet access and now most of my equipment is set up for it. Is wireless Internet available in the area?

Email for more information:

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