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December 27, 2008 · Real Estate

What to Do Before the Sky Falls !

The sky is falling From the Series: “Home Construction & Maintenance in Mexico” By J. Brad Grieve, P.Eng. MBA © 2008 Once the rainwater drains off the roof, where is the water going?   After two strong rainfalls in Guadalajara, I was up on my father-in-law’s roof last weekend to help a contractor from Chapala […]

November 15, 2008 · Announcements, Real Estate

Care and Maintenance of Fireplaces at Lake Chapala

          Care and Maintenance of the Fireplace                                                   by                                    J. Brad Grieve, P.Eng. As I write this  article, I am sitting beside a wood stove in a cabin by a frozen lake in Ontario. So this article’s topic becomes very tangible and important, especially because I want to keep my fingertips warm. Although, […]

November 8, 2008 · Real Estate

“Septic Systems at Lake Chapala – Ajijic”

Septic Systems by Brad Grieve For the average new homebuyer, there is nothing more horrifying than the thought of buying a home with a septic system.  This hidden, underground system seems to conjure up thoughts of backyards flooded with human waste or worse; backed up toilets.   A septic system is typically comprised of a […]

November 1, 2008 · Real Estate

Soils and Foundations

Soils and Foundations by Brad Grieve Ever considered the base on which your house is sitting.  Yes, there is a foundation between you and the surrounding soils.  In general there are stone foundations bound with mortar mixture to help keep the rocks from slipping past each other. However, consider a little deeper the issue at […]

September 27, 2008 · Real Estate

Is a Flat Roof really flat?

  Is a Flat Roof really flat? by Brad Grieve It’s there above us, protecting us from the sun, the wind and the rain however; generally we are not worried about our roofs until we see water leaking through it.   Typically, roofs here at Lake Chapala are constructed using the boveda construction technique where red […]

September 20, 2008 · Real Estate

Salitre: A form of Masonry Cancer ?

Salitre:  A form of Masonry Cancer ? By Brad Grieve Salitre is the Spanish term commonly used for masonry efflorescence.  Salitre is the white powdery stain that forms on the surface of bricks and concrete and can cause the stucco or paint on a wall or tiles on the floor to lift off.  It is […]

August 18, 2008 · Real Estate

So, You Want a Roof that Won’t Leak ?

So, You Want a Roof that Won’t Leak ? Almost everything about the Lake Chapala – Ajijic area is wonderful. Even the rainy season, but good roofs are an absolute must. New homes: Read the article below and then ask the builder how he did the roof. Pre owned homes: Inspect the roof carefully or […]

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