photo 83d8dae5-8dec-4fc4-adcc-44ffad9f659e_zps99662b0b.png" />

Why We Love the Lake Chapala – Ajijic Rainy Season!

Hi Everyone,  Does the rain turn you on? Yes, it can be inconvenient at times where ever you live, but if you’re... More »

July 1, 2014   Sid Grosvenor · for News

CBS News photo: CBS NEWS Contribute_000.jpg" />

Lake Chapala on CBS News

Hi Everyone, I try to stay up on emerging retirement havens around the world where our retirement funds buy more of what... More »

April 20, 2014   Sid Grosvenor · for News

 photo 3f3fb646-2fe7-4de8-b3eb-b98d6ee3e6fc_zps13fcdf5f.jpg" />

Latest Visa Info for Lake Chapala – Ajijic: Part 2

Hi Everyone, Here are the Requirements for Permanent Visas 1. Proof of bank account with $128,000 USD average Balance for... More »

March 20, 2014   Sid Grosvenor · for News

 photo 3f3fb646-2fe7-4de8-b3eb-b98d6ee3e6fc_zps13fcdf5f.jpg" />

Latest Visa Info for Lake Chapala – Ajijic: Part 1

Qualifying for ExPat Visas to Mexico – Part 1 Hi, this is part 1 of 2 parts to help inform you about the process of obtaining... More »

March 18, 2014   Sid Grosvenor · for News

2014 Mexican National Chili Cook-Off at Lake Chapala-Ajijic

Hi Everyone, Well it’s that time of the year again. Time for folks who love Chili from all over the world to come right... More »

February 13, 2014   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Women’s Panties and New Years Eve – What’s the Connection at Lake Chapala?

No, this article is not off color, but it does have to do a lot with color. In this case the color pf panties Mexican ladies... More »

December 31, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for News

 photo a1195fbc-707f-4dac-8d86-6513c85691d8_zpsd5f01732.jpg" />

New Club at Lake Chapala – Ajijic. Mexico for Quilters

Hi Everyone, From time to time I add article I come across from my many blog   subscriptions. Not sure just how many ladies... More »

December 28, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for News

The Ajijic Tamale Maker’s Story

I’ve found that the Mexican people are hard working people that are self reliant, entrepreneurial as a rule in addition... More »

November 16, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for News

An Ex Pat is Interviewed about Lake Chapala, Mexico

Hi, I recently was chosen by a reporter to complete sn interview about why I chose to move "overseas". I hope the... More »

July 10, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Big Deal for Lake Chapala?

In a recent article in the Guadalajara Reporter Newspaper which reports on news important to us at Lake Chapala Jalisco State... More »

June 29, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Life in the Happy Lane

Hi.   Well, I’m back from the Big Apple. You’ve heard the phrase before I’m sure, “Great place... More »

May 8, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Palm Sunday at Lake Chapala

Semana Santa or Holy Week began this year on Palm Sunday, April 24, 2013 and Easter will fallon the following Sunday, April... More »

March 24, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for News

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