Who Is Tony Rambles & Why Should You Care?

Hi Everyone, So far I’ve only met Tony by e mail, but I feel like I know him. That’s because I read his first... More »

November 14, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Lake Chapala Immigration Update

Hi Everyone. As the Lake Chapala Information Guy I do my best to stay informed about all things Lake Chapala.   So,... More »

November 7, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Time to Celebrate at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Part 2

Time to celebrate at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Part 2   Hi Everyone,   If you enjoyed part 1, Buckle up and... More »

September 14, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Time to Celebrate at Lake Chapala – Ajijic

Mexicans love parties and look for ways to have one.  They love each other and yes, they also love those of us who... More »

September 7, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Are You Safe at Lake Chapala ?

click the far left arrow head to listne to this artical) We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Crime... More »

May 19, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Kayak Club Paddle at Lake Chapala

The Kayak Club at Lake Chapala had an open invitational kayak tour Sunday April 15th 2012 from San Juan Cosala Malecon to... More »

April 18, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Is Donald Trump Bullish on Lake Chapala?

Hi Everyone,   I recently read an article I found on www.moneynews.com with the headline “Trump: Real Estate... More »

April 7, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Lake Chapala Communities Fight Crime

Here's the latest response to our uptick in crime. "Our area remains one of the safest retirement destinations in... More »

March 31, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Security at Lake Chapala Update

Hi Everyone, Sid Grosvenor here with a  recent Lake Chapala Security Update Video. (Also please listen to the audio... More »

March 28, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

A Look Back and a Look Forward at ChapalaClub.com

Hi Everyone.   You know from time to time it’s good to stop and take a look back at where we’ve come from... More »

February 4, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

Great Free Resource – ChapalaClub.com Talk Radio

Hi Everyone, Well, The Overseas Radio Network programs are all now free.   Hard to beat free, especially with such great... More »

January 25, 2012   Sid Grosvenor · for News

The Lake Chapala Rumors Are True

Hi Everyone,  Here's short audio to end the speculation about a new development here at Lake Chapala, Mexico. Some... More »

August 20, 2011   Sid Grosvenor · for News

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