Valentine’s Day at Lake Chapala

Like in the USA Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14th at Lake Chapala with a bit of a twist. In Spanish,... More »

February 14, 2014   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

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Feliz Navidad from Ajijic – Lake Chapala, Mexico

Hi Everyone, Click the link below to see a little song and dance routine I put together to “Wish You a Merry Christmas” ... More »

December 24, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

 photo 2fdd541a-9223-424a-a872-1bc6813d79bd_zpsb53a630e.jpg" />

Looking Forward to Summer Green at Lake Chapala

Hi Everyone, December is full of fun at Lake Chapala with all the parades, fiestas,and celebrations  at all the towns and... More »

December 17, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

 photo c86b13f4-27e6-4c50-8845-921b240f2030_zps860b28fb.jpg" />

What Do Gringos at Lake Chapala- Ajijic Do for Fun?

Hi Everyone, I often get asked what do we do all day here at Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico. There’s always something... More »

December 14, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

 photo 634041de-40da-42e3-810f-718dc3db2405_zpsaacf4d5c.jpg" />

Why Retiree’s Are Welcomed at Lake Chapala, Mexico

Hi Everyone, I usually share the wonderful life we live at Ajijic- Lake Chapala here on In a way this... More »

November 19, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

 photo 7cb22968-3503-4bdc-af07-ce77f7940bf8_zpsbd55b73f.jpg" />

Ajijic Lake Chapala Mexico Like You’ve Not Seen It Before

Hi Everyone, Take about 3 minutes and soak in the ambiance of Ajijic at Lake Chapala, Mexico like you’ve never seen... More »

November 5, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

Is There a Taj Mahal at Lake Chapala?

Hi Everyone One of our most beautiful homes that stands out as landmark and can be seen from miles away is perched on a... More »

October 5, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

Music, Music, Music at Lake Chapala

Hi , There's a lot to like about living at Lake Chapala besides the great weather, low prices, and established Ex-Pat... More »

September 28, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

Yes, We Have Organic Markets at Lake Chapala

If You Like Organic food we have a weekly organic market where you can buy organic food products from the people who grow... More »

September 11, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

Think You Can’t Afford Health Care? If You Live at Lake Chapala You Can!

Hi,   I’ve been a member of IMSS (Mexico’s older health care plan) for well over 10 years. But, that plan... More »

August 7, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

A Love Story at Lake Chapala

I love stories. I think we all do. Here’s a short, but interesting past, present, and future love story of a feeding... More »

May 29, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

Family Fun at Lake Chapala

Hi, I often get asked if you can swim in Lake Chapala. I explain that both the government and environmentalists have declared... More »

May 15, 2013   Sid Grosvenor · for Videos

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