Looking at Retirement Options?

Hi friends, this is Sid Grosvenor for Lake Chapala, Mexico.

When Patricia and I visited Lake Chapala, Mexico about 16 years ago we knew right away that we wanted to live here. Why ?

Lots of Friendly People, Great Weather, Relaxed Atmosphere & More

We were taken by the warmth of both the foreign community here and the hospitality and acceptance by Mexican people.

The easy going relaxed atmosphere, the year around sunny, but not hot wonderful weather, and the flowering trees and lush gardens everywhere made us feel as if we had discovered our very own Garden of Eden (without the snake).

Very Affordable Prices (Pensions Go a Long Way Here)

We looked behind the walls and discovered the absolutely gorgeous homes at reasonable prices, given the hand constructed solid as a rock building methods used, and we made up our mind this was the place for us.

The wonderful restaurants, the giving back attitude of the expatriate community, coupled with what were almost unbelievably low prices for almost anything not imported made us realize that when I retired, my police officer’s pension would go a lot farther here… and it still does.

A Healthy Lifestyle Comes Naturally Here!

The high quality fresh fruit and vegetables here in our markets, the fresh clean mountain air, and the near perfect year around weather nourish our bodies… while the sweet spirit of the people, beautiful lake and mountain vistas, and eternally blooming trees and flowers …nourish our souls.

Do You Want a Better, More Fulfilled Lifestyle?

Foreigners from all over the world have been coming to the stimulating international environment of Lake Chapala for many years. The area is well suited for retirees and their needs, like affordable health care, high-speed internet, and lots of fun activities. A recent news article stated that in the Mexican State of Jalisco (The Lake Chapala Area) almost 23,000 registered Americans, 3400 Canadians, and over 6,500 Europeans call our area home.

Are You Waiting On God ?

The “retirees” I know here (and I know a lot of them in the business I’m in) did not come here to “Wait on God” like the actors in the old British comedy show, “Waiting on God” . No, we came here to celebrate the life we have to the fullest extent possible.

Imagine Yourself Living the Good Life!

You can share in our happiness here at Lake Chapala.

You are in control of your life. Not the government, not your kids, and not discouraging friends. Join us in our willingness to reach out, to think out of the box a little, and take action to design your new life. Take action to design a new, better life here at Lake Chapala, Mexico. You can do it. We can help.

You’ve already taken the first step by reaching this website. Now, take the next step and plan a “check us out trip” today to see firsthand just what Lake Chapala is all about. Don’t delay. Our secret is getting out.

This has been Sid Grosvenor for Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Your personal guide of discovery,

I’ll leave the light on for you !

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